“Kudriavets teaches and inspires!”

We continue our journey through Kudriavets lanes! Our road goes where the houses of national history were built more than century ago. The institutions were built for the development of education and science with the help of Kyiv patrons. They were available to all social stratums.

You will listen to the story of National audience and Commercial school creation. These buildings are an architectural ornament of Boulevard – Kudriavska Street now. We’ll learn about the history of female education’s development – The school of commerce and The University for Women, and, of course, abot the famous graduates – Anna Akhmatova, Zinaida Tulub.

We’ll talk about the famous Kyev architects that created those monuments – V.Rykov, H.Shleyfer, M.Artynov, V. Nikolaev, O.Kobelyev, well-known figures of culture and art that created the institutions of education and culture – Lysenko, O.Koshyts, P. Tychyna. We’ll walk along the buildings where respected educators, teachers and university academics – A.Dumanskyy, S.Tymoshenko, O.Skomorohov, V.Artobolevskyy, historians, journalists and writers – V.Scherbyna, Ye.Kyvlytskyy, M.Zerov Paul and Zinaida Tulub, O.Teliha lived and worked. These people formed the scientific and public opinion of his time.

Our walk will be continued around Observatornyy hill where you will see the buildings of Art Nouveau style of the last century as well as works of “street art” – modern art of 21 century. You’ll see The House with cats in Hoholivska street, and a number of buildings in Chekhov Lane, Lipinskyy (former Chapaev) Street and listen to the the story about the architects who built these masterpieces – V.Bezsmertnyy, M.Hardenin, M.Kluh. Through wonderful cozy V.Chkalov and O. Honchar squares, we will go to the literary center of the city. These parks and courtyards inspired poets and creative writers of several generations. The prominent figures are among them: O. Honchar, P. Tychyna, V.Sosyura, M. Rylskyi, K. Paustovskyy and B.Pasternak. On the monument to Oles’ Honchar we’ll read the words of the poet that teach and inspire – to create, to work, to live:

  • “From love – creativity”
  • “From love – human’s happiness”

We’ll finish our promenade in A. Mickiewicz library in Lipinsky Street, 16.

The list of main facilities:

  • The House with cats in Hoholivska Street;
  • The artist V.Orlovskyy’s farmstead;
  • The House of National Audience;
  • The building of the School of commerce;
  • R.Shteynhel’s former mansion;
  • The building of Children’s clinic;
  • The mural on the building in Observatorna Street;
  • Profitable House in Chekhov Lane, 11;
  • The building of the University for Women;
  • The monument to V. Chkalov;
  • The fountain of Termen in V.Chkalov square;
  • The monument to O. Honchar;
  • The building where K. Paustovskyy and B.Pasternak lived;
  • A. Mickiewicz library.

If you would like to participate in the tour, please send us a message at info@ula.org.ua.

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