“The kaleidoscope of art”

Kyiv is the city with a long history and a priceless cultural heritage. Nowadays, Kyiv is well-known not only for its millennial history, ruins of buildings from the time of Kyivan Rus, sights of history and architecture of different eras. Modern Kyiv is a city with a plenty of museums and museum locations of contemporary orientation. Where is the line between the past and the present? How could the present and the future be united in the harmonious interlacement? How does the city change under the influence of global evolutionary processes? Where is the boundary between the art and the vandalism, the culture and the lack of culture? What things could inspire contemporary artists? What are they interested in?

Nowadays, the art goes beyond the museum halls, galleries and exhibits in the streets of modern cities. It becomes the part of an urban culture. Kyiv keeps up with international art practices, so the streets, buildings and squares transform into the platforms for artists. Kyiv street art is a phenomenon of modernity. The city gradually becomes a museum in the open air.

We’ll see the works of famous artists, architects, painters, sculptors, dating from the eleventh to the twenty first century. We’ll also get acquainted with artistic masterpieces of the princely era, reveal the secrets of the first Kyiv graffiti on the walls of St. Sophia’s Cathedral, visit the museum of contemporary sculpture, installation in the open air and Payzazhna Alley. We’ll have the opportunity to see the architectural masterpieces of different periods and styles – from Kyiv Renaissance to the modern projects, learn what the mural, graffiti are, get acquainted with Kyiv street art masterpieces and their authors.

The list of main facilities:

  • Monument to Princess Olga;
  • St. Michael’s Cathedral;
  • Misto-sad (Nebesna Sotnya Square);
  • Mural “Sergei Nigoyan”;
  • Department of art of Lesia Ukrainka public library of Kyiv;
  • Payzazhna Alley, Museum of contemporary sculpture and installation in the open air;
  • Lvivska Square, mural “St. George”;
  • Oles’ Honchar Street-Striletska Street (mural “The Time of changes”, mural “The gymnasts” mosaic “The Children”, “The ballerina”, mural “Lesia Ukrainka”);
  • “Ravens” in Reytarska Street;
  • The Hedgehog in the Fog;
  • The Golden Gate.

If you would like to participate in the tour, please send us a message at info@ula.org.ua.



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