“Walking Kudriavets lanes – from tracts to the stars”

We invite you to walk Kudriavets – one of the central districts of the city that has an ancient history. The historical “Kopyriv kinets” is a square where Lvivska Brama was situated. We begin to walk from here. Walking the streets of Kyiv – Voznesenskyy Descent and Kudriavska Street, you’ll see the places where famous personalities of twentieth century used to live Alexander Bogomazov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Hippolyte Morhylevskyy etc.

We’ll explore Kudriavets tract where we look at the panorama of Podil, learn about the history of the settlement Kudryavska hills in the middle of the 19th century. We’ll also listen to story of construction and destruction of the state-owned wine stores and the story of creation Alexander Pushkin Museum in Kyiv.

And then, skirting the hill along Kudriavska Street, we’ll return to the city center and pass by the places where Ukrainian artists used to live – V.Krychevskyy, V.Orlovskyy, M.Pymonenko. You will listen to story of Polish and Lutheran communities in Kyiv of early 20th century, and see the buildings constructed here because of communities’ activities. We’ll talk about famous architects – Vladimir Nikolayev and Hippolytus Nikolayev, M. Hardenin, V. Bezsmertnyy, E. Bradtman, S. Grigoriev, who created the architectural monuments in these places.

In Gogolivska Street we’ll see the buildings of Nouveau, dating early 20th century. We’ll also look at the works of “street-art”-modern art of 21th century. Here lived famous artists of the last century – Pavlo Tulub and Zinaida Tulub, Volodymir Artobolevskyy, Ivan Mikhailovsky, and our contemporaries – Mykolai Grinko and Mykolay Olyalin.

Finally, the story of Astronomical Observatory located on Observatornyy hill, is waiting for you here. We’ll go through a cozy square – Pavlivskyy garden to Lesia Ukrainka library local history department. We’ll learn about the history of the creation of this educational institution that unites people, who who like Kyiv and want to share their love with you.

The list of main facilities:

  • The House of Artists;
  • St. Basil the Great Church in Voznesenskyy descent;
  • The house where the artist O.Bohomazov lived;
  • The house where the historian I.Morhylevskyy lived;
  • The building of former state-owned wine warehouses;
  • O. Pushkin Museum;
  • The house where Krychevskyys lived;
  • The building of former Polish Pedagogical Institute;
  • The building of City sanitary epidemiological station;
  • The building of former Evangelical hospital;
  • Pavlivskyy Square;
  • Observatornyy hill where the Astronomical Observatory is situated;
  • The farmstead, where Paul Tulub and Zinaida Tulub lived;
  • The mural on the building in Hoholivska street;
  • Lesia Ukrainka library-local history department.

If you would like to participate in the tour, please send us a message at info@ula.org.ua.

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