About project

Ukrainian nationwide non-governmental organization “Ukrainian Library Association” (ULA) has been awarded with a Research and Development Grant by the European Cultural Foundation and further in 2015 develops the idea of tourism development in Kiev.

ULA submitted its proposal “Library-Supported Tourism in Kiev” on international Idea Camp that took place from 23 to 25 October 2014 in Marseille (France), being selected for participation among 800 applicants.

There were 25 awarded applicants including Ukrainian Library Association that have been selected among the 50 participants of the 2nd stage of the contest. They presented 25 astonishing proposals with focus on culture from across the EU for a Research and Development Grant.

The project “Library-Supported Local Tourism in Kiev” aims developing a series of free customised Kiev city tours. The project will provide tours content development in Ukrainian and English for local residents as well as Ukrainian and international tourists, guides’ training and modern library utilization as “the third space” with a task force charged with the project implementation using the present library resources.

The project is expected to go beyond Kiev and comprise other regions of Ukraine as well where the caring ULA members are concerned with the further development of library-supported tourism.