The Idea Camp in Ukraine: the tourist routes have been selected


On 30 January 2015 there was a creative session of 20 active volunteers including librarians, journalists, historians, guides, publishers and other concerned persons; they started their work to design 4 free thematic Kiev tours to be offered for the visitors and residents of the capital in May 2015.

Such project implementation by the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA) could become possible due to its winning in contest of projects by the European Cultural Foundation, ECF. The project is directed towards the tourism development in Kiev and has information support by the Tourism Department of Kyiv Municipal State Administration.

The participants of the creative session were divided into the four teams and each of them submitted the tourist route that would be developed during February-March 2015 using the available library resources.

As a result the following 4 tourist routes have been selected:

- “Lost in time” (ethnographic tour-adventure). District: Shevchenkivskyi. The group supervisor: Uralova Olexandra (travel agency “Mysterious Kiev”).

- “Pankivshchyna”: from Latin Quarter to Ukrainian Parnassus” (sightseeing local tour). District: Shevchenkivskyi. The group supervisor: Polyova Victoria (ULA administrative office).

- “Terra Incognita in Kiev center” (cultural and art tour). District: Shevchenkivskyi (Tatarka). The group supervisor: Hrebelnyk Nataliya (Library named after T. Shevchenko of Central Library System of Shevchenkivskyi District).

- “Knowledge getting over the turns of the centuries”. District: Holosiivskyi District. The group supervisor: Vynohradova Lyudmyla (State Youth Library of Ukraine).

In April 2015 there will be on-line service providing information about tours and registration for tourist routes.

Project partners: Tourism Department of Kyiv Municipal State Administration, Daryna Zholdak Foundation.

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