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“Terra Incognita in Kiev center”

This district was once a suburb of Kyiv; but today it became almost a part of Kyivan downtown.

As a residential area Lukyanivka began being rapidly built after the devastating flood of 1845, when many Podil citizens were left homeless. At first the settlement was rather chaotic; streets, which are still around appeared only in the 60s – Melnykova (former Great Dorogozhytska), Degteryovska (Old Zhytomyrskyi Road), Artema (Lvivska), Gertsena, Polovetska, Tatarska, Ovrutska streets, etc. Names of writer Stepan Vasylchenko, composer Mykola Leontovych, painter Oleksandr Murashko, courageous explorer Otto Shmidt, academician Kaschenko, bard of Lukyanivka gardens, unrivaled wordsmith K. Paustovskyi, and of many more are engraved on the pages of Lukyanivka’s history.

First trams started their routes around Kyiv from the depot of Lukyanivka. In Kyiv they always liked fancy names: part of highway running across slopes of Repyahiv ravine down to Kurenivka was called “Kyivan Switzerland”; O. Murashko began creating a “Montmartre” for his friends: St. Fedor’s church was called “Kyivan Jerusalem”; “Lair of Zmiy Gorynych” is located on the slopes of Smorodynskyi descent; Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology is still called “Khrushchev’s dacha”.

Lukyanivka is charity institutions (People’s house of sobriety, Jewish hospital, orphanages, schools for house-keeping, almshouses, Degtyaryov’s charity institutions) and plants (plant named after Artem and Cabel plant), churches and a mosque, cozy green public gardens and old mansions.

Everyone, who is attracted to unknown, magical, picturesque is invited to the walking tour across Lukyanivka – the Terra Incognita in the centre of Kyiv. Get in the mood for active intellectual leisure.

List of main sights:

  • Lukyanivska square
  • Melnykova Str
  • Public garden named after I. Kotlyarevsky
  • E. Brandtman’s mansion
  • “Khrushchev’s dacha”
  • “Kyivan Jerusalem”
  • House, where Olena Pchilka lived
  • Baggovutivska Str
  • T. Shevchenko library for adults

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