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Lost in time

When traveling Kyiv and learning its history, we often appeal either to Kievan Rus, or to the end of the 19th – the first half of the 20th century. Almost every original Kyivite happily quotes “Tale of Bygone Years”; again and again the Gogol’s bird does not reach the middle of Dnieper, and along the crooked streets of revolutionary years runs Bulgakov’s hero – doctor Turbin…

But what would an 18th century citizen tell about our eternal capital? What it was like – the city of theology students and Haidamaks, of brilliant composers and daredevil scientists, of education and prejudices, trade and fraud, ruins and modest, from our modern point of view, palaces? Green, Baroque, raised from the ashes of epidemics and wars, still not reshaped after the great Podolsk fire in 1811… How did the Kyivites of those days lived and what they sought, what did they fight for, what did they believe in, what they feared, how did they hope to see the city in the future, what kind of songs they sang, which paths they walked from the Upper Town to the boisterous diverse Podil?..

You can learn about it and see the city through the eyes of an 18th century citizen during our walking tour “Lost in time” by walking from St. Sophia of Kyiv to the famous Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

In the end of the walking tour you will take a small test “on becoming a real Mohylan” and a musical surprise – concert of Ukrainian ethnic music in the “House of Halshka Gulevychivna.”

List of main sights:

  • Museum complex “Sophia of Kyiv”
  • Volodymyrskyi Drive
  • Myhailivskyi Golden Domed Cathedral
  • Post Square
  • Sagaydachnogo Str
  • Pokrovska Str (Pokrovska church; lyceum “Podil”)
  • Andriivskyi Descent
  • Frolivska Str
  • Mykilsko-Prytyska Str (Frolivskyi convent; Apothecary museum, Mykola Prytyska’s church)
  • Museum of Kyiv’s charity history (“House of Peter the First”) on Horyva Str
  • Kostyantynivska Str (“Samson” fountain)
  • Kontraktova Square
  • Staroakademichnyi building of NaUKMA
  • Scientific library of NaUKMA
  • Church of Holy Spirit
  • NaUKMA museum (“House of Halshka Gulevychivna”)


Note: price of a cable railway token – 3 UAH

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